We undertake reading horoscopes with regard to the matters indicated below: You need not send your horoscope for this. It is enough if you just indicate your time of birth , date of birth, and the place of birth. If you were born in a country outside Sri Lanka, please indicate the time of birth in that country and the time difference between that country’s time and GMT. Your order should indicate the particulars given below and also any specific area or matter which you are specially interested in ( like marriage, health, employment etc) Our reading relies on the general principles of Indian Astrology. We do not use any software for reading the horoscope. A print of the reading will be made available to you for your record.

General forecasts based on the Horoscopes
This will give you an overall view of your employment , health, marriage, children etc based on the planetary conditions prevailing at the time of birth and forecasts will be made according to the present and future planetary conditions. You may indicate any other specific area of special interest for your information .
(USD 20.00)
Employment and Business Affairs
The areas suitable for your employment or entrepreneurship, problems and issues relating to your employment or business affairs at present and in the future and any other matters you require regarding employment or your business
(USD 20.00)
Analysis of planetary conditions which govern your health, state of your health at present and in the future, how to prevent from failing health at the correct times, and what measures you should follow to improve your health and get relief from any ailments.
(USD 20.00)
Advise on uncomfortable/unhappy marriages or problems emerging in married life
Details regarding the spouse and the ability to sustain the marriage, problems encountered at present, the periods when the marriage can return to happy and contented times, and any other particulars with regard to marriage , you are interested in.
(USD 20.00)
Compatibility Analysis (Porondam Analysis)
The two horoscopes will be examined with regard to the 20 aspects of Compatibility Analysis, , sex life, mental set, and to see whether the party is suitable for your marriage or not. You may indicate any special area of interest for advice.
(USD 20.00)
Advise on the delay in marriage
Analysis of planetary conditions which brought about the delay in marriage, the periods suitable for marriage proposals to become successful, likely period of marriage, details about the spouse, any rites or practices to be performed to avoid the delay in marriage, and any other specific issues you are interested in.
(USD 20.00)
Casting Horoscopes of Children
Casting the horoscope based on the time of birth, forecasting the status of the child’s , education, health, employment etc. and the influence on the parents. Indicating any malefic ( unfavorable) periods and advising on the performance any traditional practices or rites to mitigate malefic effects. Any further details you wish to know about the child and the child’s future
(USD 20.00)
Naming the Baby – the suitable first letters for the names
We will indicate the suitable first letters for the name of the baby. This will be according to the planetary conditions in the baby’s horoscope. If you have any names proposed for the baby, we will examine them to see whether the appropriate “gana” are present
(USD 20.00)
Auspicious Time
We will indicate the appropriate auspicious times according to the horoscope, for various activities, like introducing the alphabet for a child, giving the first solid meal
(idul kata gema), to start on an important journey, bathing on attainment of puberty , laying the foundation for a building, going into residence of a new house etc.

(USD 20.00)
Auspicious times for marriage and marriage related events
There are several auspicious times with regard to various events in the course of a marriage ceremony, like the time for leaving the house (for the ceremony ) by the bride or the bride groom, times to ascend on to and descend from the poruwa , time for signing the registration of marriage , leaving the Wedding Hall for honey moon, , arrival at the bride grooms house, etc
(USD 30.00)
For Business Affairs
Appropriate periods for starting a new business or venture. Time to start a new business or venture. The appropriate period and the exact time to start a new business, or a venture or an expansion, should be deiced after examining the horoscope of the owner and a suitable time will be made only after deciding on the appropriate period.
(USD 30.00)
Constellation under which a
girl attains puberty
Planetary Conditions which
ruin family lives
The planets which delay