Premadasa Kaluntantri (B.A.) is one of the leading astrologers in Sri Lanka and has authored several books on astrology. These books include the following:

Features of a Woman's Body ( Nari Deha Lakshana)

Book explains the character of a woman based on the features of her body and its organs.

The Planets that delay your Marriage (Vivahaya Pramada Karana Grahayo)

This book explains with examples the planetary positions in your horoscope as well as those prevailing at present that delay your marriage.

Problems in Marriage hidden from Compatibility Analysis) Porondamen Anavaranaya Novana Vivaha Getalu)

This book explains how a husband a wife should live in peace in spite of disparities in their character and their mindset.

Planetary positions which bring about dissentions in married lives (Pawul Awul Karana Graha Balaya)

This book explains, with examples, how planetary positions could help to solve the problems encountered in married life.

These are very popular with the Sinhala reading public in Sri Lanka. Some of these books have been printed thrice.
In addition to writing, he is also engaged in reading horoscopes of Sri Lankans as well as foreigners. He has two web sites though which his services are made available world wide.

He can also advise you on auspices times to commence your venture with the firm assurance of success. Similarly he can advise you lucky numbers and days.

Kalutantantri contributes articles on astrology to daily Newspapers as well as Sunday Newspapers in Sri Lanka. His articles frequently appear in Sri Lankan newspapers such as Sri Lankadeepa, Rivira, Tharuni, Subasetha, Navaliya, Riresa, and Silumina.

Kalutantri is one of the leading astrologers in Sri Lanka and is much sought after by the Sri Lankan public. He specializes on matters pertaining to marriage and problems in marriage.

Kalutantri had a liking for astrology from his childhood itself. He started leavening astrology when was schooling. In later life he had conducted research in different aspects of astrology. He is a d graduate of. Sri Jayawardhanapura University of Sri Lanka. After schooling he joined the Public Service and after years of service retired as an Administrative Officer.

Unlike many other astrologers, he is not dependent solely on the traditional knowledge of the East and West but conducts research so that new areas in astrology could be found. From 1980 onwards, he has been teaching astrology. Those who learnt astrology from him exceed 9,000 up to now. And some of them are practicing astrologers in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Kalutantri is engaged in research in astrology even at present. Some of his findings in research have been included in the books he has published and traits of your spouse based on the planetary positions of your horoscope.

He can forecast the character he can also forecast a girl's future based on the day, time and place she attained puberty.

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