"Kendrayen Sahakaru/ sahakariya Handuna ganna"
(Select your spouse through the Horoscope)

This book consists of the particulars through which you can obtain the details of your future husband /wife; these particulars are forecast based on the planetary positions of your horoscope . Accordingly you can obtain the traits, ways, appearance etc of your spouse. The book was published by the author in 1998 and a second print was made by “Samayawardhana Publishers” in 2002

"Malwara nekatha"
(Constellation under which a girl attains puberty )

This book takes into consideration the planetary position the day, time, thithi, Lagna etc at the time of attaining puberty. Further to them, it considers the color of the dress worn by the girl and the place at which she attained puberty. The planetary position at the time of attaining puberty usually is similar to the planetary position at the time of the girls birth . It analyses the planetary positions at the time of attaining puberty as well as at birth and offers advise with regard to the traditional rites and practices which should be followed. The book was published by the author in 2000.

"Naari Deha Lakshana"
(An examination of the various organs of the female body)

This has no direct relationship to astrology. And is based on the features of the body of a female. From ancient times, there was a science through which behavior patterns, appearance , future events etc could be forecast based in the physical appearance of the various organs of a female. This book became very popular among the reading public. It was published by “Sadeeoa Pyblishers “ in 2002 .

"Vivahaya Pramada Karana Grahayo"
(The planets which delay marriage.)

This book analyses, with examples, the planetary positions which tend to delay the marriage both according to the astrological theory followed both in the East as well as in the West. The author has also included his own views with regard to them and postulates his own theories based on his research. This serves as an introduction to astrology for beginners and as a valuable hand book for practitioners of astrology. The book was published by the State Printing Corporation in 2004.

"Porondamen Anavaranaya novena Vivaha Getalu"
(Problems and issues not revealed by Porondam Analysis .)

In Sri Lanka it is the usual practice to select a partner for marriage based on the “ Visi Porondama- analysis of the 20 Compatibility Aspects. This book clearly enunciates that the Porondam Analysis alone is not advisable to decide on the partner for marriage. The book specifies clearly, with examples, the matters that should receive your consideration before you make a decision of your partner. This is a book which should be read by all who are considering about matrimony. The book was published by “Sadeepa Publishers” in 2011 and due to its popularity was reprinted in 2011.

"Pawul Awul Karana Graha Blaya"
(Planetary Conditions which ruin family lives)

This book contains many matters about family lives and presents many horoscopes of persons whose marriages ended in failure. The author has analyses these horoscopes and presents the specific planetary conditions which brought about the failure in their married life. This is an extremely valuable book for those who are about to enterer into matrimony This book is a research publication. The book was published in 2007 by “Sadeepa Publishers”. It is a valuable handbook for practicing astrologers too